Our Idea

Secvault aims to secure and manage financial matters by combining centralized and decentralized ecosystem to a single unified address in an ultra secure environment.

Why Secvault?
At Secvault we secure, simplify & bring forward an united platform for Digital Assets & Identities. A team of 15 who love the use cases of Blockchain. The current problem in Fintech industry is hacking & mismanagement of Digital assets and confidential data. We solve credit card, crypto, identity and confidential data theft.
We are creating a device which will make mass adoption of blockchain seamless. Combining traditional and Digital currencies & identities. Inside the true Blockchain Payment Interface “BPI”.

Our ultra secure wallet will store digital currencies, credit cards, identities and confidential data.


Unified Interface and top of the line management for physical and digital assets.


One address for Decentralized
& centralized Ecosystem to receive and send funds.

The Problem

$400Bn+ Global losses due to cyber fraud

Banks claim credit card breach affected 94 million accounts and 100+Million Identities Stolen (Source)
$400Bn+ Cyberfraud Industry. Cryptocurrencies Lose $42 Billion After South Korean Bourse Hack.(Source)
2000+ cryptocurrencies,
Credit/debit cards, banking details, confidential data. They need unification.

What is BPI?

How it works?

Blockchain Payment Interface “BPI” is the unification of centralized and decentralized ecosystem. It unifies currencies, identities and confidential data in an ultra-secure environment. All your addresses(from exchanges, wallets, mobile phones) and identities combined at a unified location that only you can access.

Main Features :

  • Blockchain + AI + Machine Learning = BPI.
  • One address to receive multiple currencies.
  • User-friendly identity management system.
  • Easy to set up & increases user adoption for exchanges.
  • The moderator link between Centralized and Decentralized Ecosystem.

Blockchain Payment Interface

It integrates into online exchanges, mobile & Hardware wallets.
Leveraging decentralized ecosystem technology a platform to stop cyber fraud.
Real Time
Real-time value of all your combined assets in all the wallets & online exchanges.
Strong Encryption
High-end encryption. Only the user has access to his data. Biometric Security.
Single Address will support 2000+currencies and all ERC-20 Tokens.
Support System
Android and iOS support with built-in recovery methods.
Roadmap 2018 / 2020

 Our Strategy and Project Plan


How we stand apart

Unified Address

The true cross blockchain payment interface. One address receives multiple currencies. Keeps track of them and integrates with other wallets, mobiles, exchange accounts. We have tested the functionality.


Hardware wallets will kill the credit card hacks, confidential data leaks, crypto hacks and cyber fraud market. Our device will keep the data you never want to show to the world safe in your hands.

Form Factor

We are replacing your traditional wallets. Instead of carrying a USB stick or mobile phone which can be jeopardized. Our wallet will be attached to BPI and you can still carry your physical assets.

Our Team 

Divakar Choudhary
Founder, CEO

Past – Tech End, Hackathons, ICOs, Solidity Development & Trading.

Harshit Tiwari
COO, Co-Founder

Operational Head – Aakash Research Labs || Realist Visionary || Integer Innovation || ECE

Akash Manchanda

Digital Marketing || Experience in Sales and Lead Generation || Bachelor of Computer Applications

Larry Cameron
Chief Information Security Officer

9+ Year Experience in
Cyber Security, Security
Advising, Data Centers,
Systems Architecture

Anand Mishra
Lead Spokesperson.

Bachelor of Computer Application || Organizer in Major Events || Past Work -Event Speaker

Dexter Ng
Senior Security Analyst

CTO at Antihack.Me || Pentester || OSINT || Anti Email Spoofing Specialist || ICO Cybersecurity Advisory

Shawar Khan
Penetration Tester

Hall Of Fame of Google, Facebook and Intel and many more || Antihack.me Security Analyst || Synack Red team.

Darrell ShivaDagger
Security Testing

Ministry of Defense Singapore (Mindef) || White Hat Hacker || Digital systems security||

Dipak Kumar Das
Security Analyst

Hall of fame of Google, Microsoft, Ola Cabs & Zendesk || Bug Testing ||

Shantanu Sharma
Blockchain Consultant

InCryptt Labs | Certified Bitcoin Professional | Bitcoin | Cryptocurrency

BPI token Use cases


To Buy Vallet, Shell and other products. Refer to whitepaper to know more about shell.


Integrated Dapp store will have premium services such as: In vallet trading, addition of addresses inclusion and in App purchases.


The BPI is made by combining centralized and decentralized ecosystem. Buying selling trading charges will be paid by BPI tokens.


Exchanges that require BPI license will need to pay partially in BPI Tokens.

The Vallet

All Transactions In Your Pocket

Advanced Hardware Wallet
Stores all Credit cards, cryptos and confidential data inside isolated storage.
Sirin OS
This device is Sirin OS Compliant. It will be integrated into the Vallet.
Anti Tampering systems. No security flaws. Built for security from the ground up.
Easy to Use
Integrated BPI provides Simplicity. Brings order to Chaos of Fintech.


We Collaborate Only With The Best

Have a Question?

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working hours

24 x 7


Secvault is the combination of  Security + Vault where vault stands for storage. The idea behind Secvault is to provide users with a secure environment for transactions and make Blockchain accessible in a simple way to increase mass adoption. Also, Secvault provides users a secure storage device which will store almost all kinds of digital assets. The data you never want to show to the world will be kept safe.

(Traders, crypto community, HNI)B2C Model for Hardware wallets. (Online exchanges, other hardware wallets & Blockchain phone manufacturer )B2B  model for payment Interface.

Our customers are
-Online exchanges who will integrate our BPI on basis of B2B yearly or quarterly licensing.
– People who use the basic 1st generation frustrating, less secure crypto wallets and want to secure their money.
– People who want to show their status in society as it’s not just a smart wallet but a status of class, elegance, success, royalty.
– People who want to be early adopters of blockchain or crypto community but are afraid of complexities and the insecure environment in the system.

Yes, the hardware wallet is semi-functional and will be upgraded to MVP. We have tested cross blockchain receiving functionality on 3 different blockchains.

The secvault team has tested this on 3 different Blockchains and was successful in it. The payment interface is in the development process and will support many currencies and tokens in future.

We did the patentability search with third-party professionals. No one is working on our design. We have filed an application and will receive the patent first.

We are tech focussed. We provide value. We were not going to launch an idea so we got to work. Built prototype and did our payment interface testing. Found the ways to outsource and build connections and get manufacturing and scaling of the interface at minimum cost. That’s why 700k to show a Minimum Awesome product.

  • The life of users will become easy.
  • The will be able to have one address for their user account. A single address where anyone can send funds it the funds get allocated to respective Blockchain.
  • Just think a single guy having an address on koinex, Binance, Bitmax, hardware wallets and what not. Now think a blockchain payment interface which is an aggregator of addresses. All your addresses in one place. You can receive funds and it provides real-time value of the wallets you have.
  • To build a good Blockchain market and community all good companies need to come together and bring it to the mass markets and provide people with simple accessibility of the technology.

The user can store –
The data you never want to show to the world.

All your digital identities, banking details, debit & credit cards, crypto assets and confidential data.

We believe that there is no need to have a separate device to store cryptocurrencies so we are shifting it to your normal leather wallet. Your watch is smart , phone is smart so why not wallet?.

0.5 ETH or BTC equivalent.